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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Fetus Mobile

I've spent some time studying the website for the Centre for Bioethical Reform. They are responsible for reprehensible and appalling anti choice "displays" that were posted most recently at the Calgary Stampede and have been seen in several other busy spots, such as the shopping and dining area on 17th Avenue. They are also responsible for what I like to call the fetus mobile, a truck with the same graphic pictures that drives around Calgary as a moveable feast of religious zealotry. They back the display that the University of Calgary's pro-life student group call the "genocide awareness project" to the dismay of the sane among us. Puh-leeze.

Let's clarify what "some time" means. I spent about six minutes on their site. I went straight to their "FAQ" section. I suggest you do the same to see the tortured mental gymnastics they use to justify their tactics. It is a study in absurdity and illogic. I felt dirty and had to go have a shower.

This group is so bad that even Bishop Henry has distanced himself from their work and said that, “In no way may these pictures be construed as healing, nor can the project be described as ‘tough love,’ and I am not in favour of this kind of pedagogy (teaching). In my opinion it does more harm than good to the pro-life cause.” Now, I'm no big fan of Bishop Henry, but you go guy.

Any ideas out there about how to park this propaganda mobile forever and shut the doors of this pathetic excuse for an organization? Nothing violent please. I'm a peace loving individual. Let's use the law and our senses of humour. I'm thinking about a film, a mockumentary, in which we follow the fetus-mobile and the thoughts of it's driver through a series of traffic situations....

Put your thinking caps on people.

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