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Friday, December 17, 2010

Dear Annonymous Commenter:

Dear Annonymous Commenter:

You said, "I'm sure you won't have the courage to post this."  It takes no "courage" at all for me to post your comment in which you say I should be ashamed for being against bill C-510. I feel no shame at all, and in fact feel quite a bit of pride in playing my part to have this nonsensical bill defeated. It was (so happy to be using the past tense) a bill which was redundant in its alleged attempt to protect women and sly in many ways. Even Mr. Harper and much of his cabinet voted against it. You should, perhaps, read the existing criminal code and you would know that this bill would indeed have done nothing to help women at all. But thanks for your comment. I might add that it takes courage to SIGN YOUR NAME on your opinions, own them and be willing to take flak from strangers because of them.

And, besides, this is a place for pro-choice news and views. Or didn't you see that?

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