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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"Wispy" Abortion Rights

Thanks to Heather Mallick for her wonderful article in the Toronto Star. I've got to say that the Toronto Star is my favourite paper in Canada right now and Ms. Mallick remains one of my favourite opinion makers. As always, she tells it like it is. We can't point out often enough that abortion rights are uneven across Canada and all of us have to realize it wouldn't take much (a Conservative majority) to put us all back to 1980. Bad enough that our sisters in the North, in rural Canada, in PEI and in NB are still there.

Also excellent reading is Hansard from the great C-510 debate. Look at it here, and read what your MPs had to say in your House of Commons. Reading this it's easy to see why Ms. Mallick calls our abortion rights "wispy." Great term. I'd call them constantly jeopardized, misunderstood, partial, and in need of our protection.

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