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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Harper is still not your friend, women (4)

In my ongoing series about why Mr. Harper is no friend to us women, I offer another set of links. Please send these to the unconvinced, uninformed and unconscious. Spread the word.

You probably already know about the viral phenom shitharperdid. Love their style - funny and fact based.

Here is a piece from the Toronto Star reminding us all that the religious right is still behind the conservative machine.

And here is another on the evangelical machine.

This is a great briefing by Peter (thanks Peter, whoever you are) of what Mr. Harper has done TO women, not FOR women.

Of course there are more and I urge you to look around and find out for yourself. Why, you might ask, am I so concerned on this blog about this election? Shouldn't I confine myself to abortion related issues? I am. Mr. Harper has it in for women. Let's make it personal, because it is. He has it in for me. He has it in for my daughter. His ideas, his policies, many of his colleagues and his evangelical base hates women. There is no secret agenda-it is as plain as day. Mr. Harper has already set women back a generation. He must be stopped.

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