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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spoken word against Harper aka Harper is still not your friend (6)

The series continues. Watch this great spoken word piece by sLIGHT about voting for choice.

Also, have a look at this great video about the best pickup line ever, "I am not Stephen Harper" from shitharperdid. Great fun. I will be humming that little riff all day.

Also, in a sub-theme on this thread, how evangelicals have taken over your government, read this article about MP Trost in Saskatchewan and his speech to his pro-life supporters and how they defunded Planned Parenthood International.

This issue has really taken off. There are dozens of articles popping up everywhere about it now. Here's a list.

Tories defunding Planned Parenthood, MP says
Conservatives scramble to head off brewing controversy over abortion
Tory speech ignites abortion flap
Abortion and hidden agendas: Brad Trost set to be this year's Cheryl Gallant
Tories scramble to douse abortion fire

Tories leave Planned Parenthood in limbo over funding

Tories forced off message to address abortion funding

Planned Parenthood funding pulled: Trost

Sask MP Brad Trost claims he killed funding for Planned Parenthood

And here is Andrea Mrozek whining about it on her "ProWomanProLife" blog: http://www.prowomanprolife.org/2011/04/21/going-off-message/

I'll say it again, the agenda is not hidden people. It's right out there for anyone to see. The question is, are you voting for it or not?

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