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Thursday, February 23, 2012

More on Virginia and the War on Women

You probably already know, the Virginia legislature is backing down. This is a good op ed piece on what has transpired.

The responses to the state sanctioned rape bill have been interesting and frankly, not outraged enough in my opinion. Much of the blowback has been only about contraception. Proposing vasectomy limits for men makes a point, but alas, it is women who would suffer most as a result of this, as women always do when contraception is scarce. The women of Second City did a good job illustrating the stupidity of having all male panels make these decisions. I particularly liked the Daily Show's take on recent events, especially because Stewart focussed on the rape aspect of the forced transvaginal ultrasound and used the "wand" in their graphic (see Feb 21 episode).

Best yet though: Another march on Washington is in the works.  The We Are Woman March will take place April 28. Let's hope it gets as big as the March for Women's Lives did in 2004. Hmmm. Maybe it's time to visit Washington again.

(Added February 25) And just because they're not legislating rape anymore, doesn't mean they're better people. See this recent article from NPR.

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