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Friday, February 17, 2012

Virginia is Punishing Women

If you want to know why anti-choicers must be stopped, read this. Make sure you look at all the links, especially the Rachel Maddow show. If you read this blog, you are probably already aware that Virginia has decided a fertilized egg is a person. The new law jeopardizes most common forms of contraception.

Now they have another law forcing women seeking an abortion to have a transvaginal ultrasound without their consent. The doctor has no option and there is no medical reason for the ultrasound. The government, the government they say they want to be small, is now dictating medical practice and forcing a probe into women's vaginas. The only possible reason can be to punish them. I don't know about you, but it sounds a lot like they just said it's okay to rape a woman with an object because she wants an abortion.

The slippery slope has slipped here now. I cannot fathom what I would do if I lived in Virginia right now, if I lived in the United States. Don't let it happen here. I feel like I am writing about a fictional story right now, but it is all too real. I am beyond horrified. The anti-choicers here, the Trosts and Woodworths and the perveyors of fetus porn and the pregnancy care centres must be stopped. It has to stop. Because this is where it goes. I can't even say this is where it ends. I don't know what happens after legislating the penetration of women seeking abortions. I'll leave that to Margaret Atwood. But this is not the end.

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