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Monday, March 19, 2012

More arguments against Woodworth Motion

Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada has posted its list of arguments against the Woodworth motion, (and it is even more extensive than my letter to the PM that I included in my last post). In the ARCC article, you will find all the footnotes and references your heart desires to the source material. I was particularly happy to see the list of Supreme Court Challenges and the summary of why the Supreme Court has repeatedly upheld a woman's right to choose.

By the way, I want to argue against using the language "reopen the debate." Let's get to the heart of the matter. They want to criminalize abortion. So let's all call it what it is. Don't say they want to reopen the debate; say they want to criminalize abortion. And don't forget that other word; misogyny. It's important not to pretend these things are something else, something less terrible, than what they actually are.

Now, go write your letters, go talk to people about this, and go have an impact on the world.

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