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Saturday, March 10, 2012

National Day of Appreciation of Abortion Providers

March 10 is the day we pay tribute to abortion providers, remember those who have been killed, and thank those who continue to heroically provide this vital medical service to women. There is a wonderful piece in RH Reality Check today by Dr. Linda Prine of Physicians for Reproductive Choice, focussing on Dr. Tiller and talking about conditions today. 

Although the so-called "pro-life" movement continues to denouce violence and the killing of doctors, they also continue to provide a milieu in which this violence is tolerated if not actively encouraged. For example, see the article posted the other day about Dr. Mila Means and what she has gone through in attempting to fill Dr. Tiller's shoes. The article notes that when her plans to reopen an abortion clinic in Kansas leaked, "Posters circulated with her picture on one side scrawled with the words 'child abuser'; the other side urged protesters to 'reach out' to her at her home and office." That phrase "reach out" is utterly terrifying, particularly in an environment where the faces, names and home addresses of abortion doctors are posted online. We all know what the purpose of this is. It can only be to incite harassment and violence.

I look forward to the day when abortion providers, women's health providers, no longer have to work behind bullet proof glass to take care of us. And today I thank every provider, everyone who works in clinics and hospitals that respect women's reproductive rights and everyone who waves the pro-choice banner. You are all heroes to me.

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