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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More on Wildrose and Abortion

Why? Because I can.

I'm receiving a lot of response on this. Shocking to see such traffic on my little blog. Regular readers know, you have to be a member to comment, so I will summarize a few things people have said. One responder asks, "What other medical procedures will they put to referendum?" Good question. Makes the point. Wish I'd thought of it. Others indicate they too have written the Wildrose and received the same response to questions about abortion.* First of all, I want to say thanks to you folks for being involved and asking questions about things you care about. Nice not to be alone. Secondly, why isn't this referenda business or the abortion business in the media? I ask especially because of another response, which was a reminder of the election between Ralph Klein and Laurence Decore in 1993. Klein's victory is sometimes partially attributed to Klein's response to Decore's promise to close all abortion clinics in Alberta. Klein wisely said it's a matter between a woman and her doctor. Decore's campaign was toast. Good to remember this. And for those who don't remember, Decore was a Liberal and Klein was a Conservative. This question isn't a tricky lefty thing. Sometimes the left gets it wrong too, and that's why we have to ask at every election. I'm intrigued to see what the Alberta Party will say.

Lastly, I doubt other responses to other parties will involve the mechanics of how their decisions are made, but Wildrose brought up referenda, not me. That was just a bonus. And yes, I will definitely post other responses from other parties as I get them.

If you want even more, look at this article in the Calgary Herald on "conscience rights." Why would it ever be acceptable for a certain group of "professionals" to deny anyone's human rights? An interesting question. I have to say I agree with Redford's take on the issue. If they can't do their job without denying someone's human rights, get a different job. It wouldn't be okay for a Catholic taxi driver to refuse to take someone to a Mosque. Lastly, for even more on the Wildrose, check out Daveberta's blog. Very interesting.

April 5 addition: Even more on Wildrose and Abortion. FFWD weekly is taking the ball and running with it.
*April 8 addition: After several days of tracking down the emails of the person who said they received the same response from the Wildrose on abortion, I did receive a copy of it. It's true. Same words as the one I received, same signature. This was not a one off mistake.

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