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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wildrose response to abortion statement

There are a lot of people trying to find out right now what the Wildrose's "real" position on abortion is. What they are seeking is a response by the Wildrose to the Wildrose's own statement. Funny. They are asking, did they really send the email? Is my blog post for real? Of course it is. I don't live on line, so it took until tonight for me to notice that twitter has been full of people saying the email sent to me was some kind of mistake. Had I noticed earlier, I would have responded earlier. I've been contacted by Sun Media who told me that Wildrose is trying to blame some staffer. Nice. Now they'll probably blame that tactic on some staffer too. Oh, the poor, scapegoated staffer. For the record, the email was sent by Jeff Trynchy, Chief Administrative Officer of Wildrose, and there was even an "All the best to you, Jeff" tacked on to the second part of our exchange. I assume that the Chief Admin Officer knows what the party is about. I've been asked to send copies of it to FFWD, who took the story first, Sun Media and Global. I have sent it to all of them. It will be interesting to see how it is handled by the various media, especially considering the leader's ties to various outlets. This could make a good little media watch project.

I have every reason to believe emails I receive are actually from the person who signs them, and from the person identified on the email address. I also have every reason to believe that Mr. Trynchy sent me that response because it is his response. In other words, I don't believe he made a mistake, but that he honestly represented the Wildrose position, that they will have citizen initiated referenda on social issues. And I can't think of a single issue that isn't a social issue.

Here is a new article from the Edmonton Journal, which is good and calls abortion the "third rail" of Alberta politics. I figure there will be more, but for the record, the email is totally for real. And by the way, Jeff was quite cordial. And so far, Wildrose is still the only party to respond to my questions.

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