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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More on Women, Harper and the G8

Here is another great article on Women, Harper and the G8 by Chris Webb. It is an excellent summary of what's going on and puts it in the context of Harper's attacks on women. Of course, let's put the whole thing in the context of Harper's attacks on dissent, generally. Not only has he ignored the official opposition and made question period into a joke (to be fair, he's had plenty of help here), not only has he shut down Status of Women, the Court Challenges program, defunded Kairos, CRIAW, International Planned Parenthood and a host of others, now he's spent $1.2 BILLION dollars to make sure there's no dissent on the street. That's some pretty significant desire for silence. When you silence options for dissent, what happens? Dissent becomes more radicalized.

Also read Stephen Lewis' comments in today's Toronto Star. He always tells it like it is, calls the whole maternal health initiative political opportunism and says the money will never come through, as has been the case with previous commitments to fighting HIV/AIDS in African countries.

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