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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Anti-Choicers don't consider babies "People" during protest - Irony meter explodes

I love irony. As the forty days of harassment continues, my local abortion clinic finds itself having to continually remind the anti-choice bullies of the terms of their injunction against protesters, an injunction  meant to protect the patients of the clinic. Among other things, the injunction permits protesters, but only four at a time and they must stay on the other side of the street.

Yesterday, the clinic had to call the police (again) because the protesters had (again) violated the terms of the injunction. There were four women on the sidewalk and together they had three kids in strollers. In my world, four plus three equals seven. When told they were violating the injunction, they argued that "four people" did not include children.

Apparently, their actual children don't count  as people, but according to the signs they wave maniacally, fetuses do count as people.

Forgive me for enjoying the deliciousness of the irony.

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  1. mmm. That is real good irony!


  2. Unbelievable! But you know, there really are a lot more people than we realized. After all, every sperm is just one tiny cell away from being a person, and since that cell is an egg which comes from a woman it probably doesn't even really count. Personhood begins at ejaculation!
    Charlotte Taft

  3. Once again confirming that they only care about life from conception to birth.

  4. They killed a doctor who had a wife and kids you think they have any rationality or logical thought at all?

  5. Aviva, see blog post May 25.

  6. From Jane:

    Annonymous writes,


    The injunction contains language that specifies that 4 people ages 7 and up are allowed on the side walk. So, yes, the under seven year olds do not count."

    You are quite wrong. The injunction is written in plain language and is very clear. This is what it says.

    2. No more than 4 persons shall be allowed to picket, demonstrate, distribute or otherwise gather:

    a. On the east side of Crowchild Trail between 4thAvenue NW and 5thAvenue NW;

    b. On the east side of Crowchild Trail north of the entrance to the Esso Service Station to 6thAvenue NW;

    c. From the east side of the [old] Maritime Reunion Building on 5thAvenue NW to the corner of 22ndSt. NW

    Point #4 outlines what can go in the soccer field north of the playground. It states, “There shall be a maximum of 20 people allowed to pray at one time...” and, “In calculating the number of persons, children under six years of age shall not be included in the calculation.” It also states that individuals gathered in the soccer field are prohibited from carrying any “signage whatsoever”.

    This protest was on the sidewalk. READ THE INJUNCTION, people. And for goodness sakes, if you're going to write to correct me, try to be correct yourself.

  7. The thing is, Jane, it doesn't matter if the injunction excludes children under 6 as "people". If the protesters are really so adamant about all human life counting as "people" from conception onward, they should stick to their guns.

  8. The thing is, anonymous, it was the protesters who said their kids didn't count as people, (in your terms, you would call them the "pro life" side) and herein lies the irony. Literacy is important. Try not to be so blinded by your ideology that you are unable to comprehend content.


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