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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Forty Days of Lies

It looks like Fall is here and with it comes the Forty Days of Lies. Yes, the protesters are back, claiming to speak not only for you, but also for God. Pretty heady stuff. How do they handle the responsibility? Not too well. I've got to admit even the Pope might be doing better than them, and he's got a pedophile crisis on his hands. Their claim on the moral high ground is bizarre. Surely they lost that when they started to lie about the impact of abortion, made bogus claims that link abortion to cancer (like that could ever make any sense), invented "post abortion trauma" and, hmmm, what was the other thing? Oh yeah. When they started murdering doctors. But there they are, picketing my local abortion clinic for, yes, you guessed it, forty days. 

Charlotte Taft, Director of the Abortion Care Network in the States, sent me a few things she's been writing lately. One that I want to share about the so called "Right to Lifers" and their extreme hypocrisy is called The Anti-Choice Hoax of the Century. It's required reading.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. In our earnest belief that everyone is entitled to their opinion, (a belief that is the very foundation of being pro-choice) we've let them go unchallenged for too long. Bravo to Charlotte Taft who calls a spade a spade and a liar a liar. Her eight points that right to lifers would support if they REALLY wanted to prevent abortions are a beacon of truth in the murky swamp of public discourse. Thank you to Ms. Taft.

Now, let's think about how much money these people have behind them. Let's think about where it comes from. (Anyone know? If so, let's organize a picket in front of their homes or businesses. Eye for an eye. They believe in the old testament, don't they? But I digress.) Let's think about how much good could have been done if that money were given to the priorities set out by Ms. Taft. These people are the moral low-ground. So during the Forty Days of Lies, think about what you can do to support your local clinic and the women who are using their services.

I think I'd like to go join the Forty Days of Lies protesters, pretend to be one of them and hold a sign that says, "I'm unemployed with nothing better to do than harrass women." Oh, but that's the reactionary anger talking. But hey, no one is perfect. It might be better to take a more positive approach and hold a sign that says, "I SUPPORT YOU AND YOUR CHOICE." Maybe that's the way to go.

I'll work on it. Meanwhile I'll promote http://www.thinkprochoice.com/ one more time.

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