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Monday, October 11, 2010

The Situation at Carleton University (no, not THAT "Situation")

If you're unfamiliar with the recent arrests of anti-choice protesters at Carleton University, read this from the dreaded National Post.

Now, of course, they quote Sommerville. Again, they don't mention she is an anti-choicer. But as I often do, I digress. Everyone here misses what I see as the central point, even the people I agree with. I will quote from a letter I just sent to Carleton, congratulating them on having these students arrested.

"The 'Genocide Awareness Project' creates fear. It succeeds in creating fear because the implied violence of the display is supported by the actual violence perpetrated by sympathizers of this position, specifically the people who murder doctors. Like school yard bullies who need only throw one punch to solidify their position as a credible threat, this group depends on this actual violence to create its climate of fear."

This letter, by the way, was accompanied by a cold hard cash donation, directed to Women's Studies and given in the memory of Dr. Tiller. Sometimes, it's important to back up words with cash.

These students are not engaged in a "peaceful protest." This is not an "educational campaign." It is a campaign that creates fear, is intended to intimidate and succeeds in intimidating because their sympathizers kill doctors.

Now, if the perpetrators of this display want to say this isn't hate speech and claim it is free speech, whatevs. That's a court battle I can't afford. But this is a university for goodness sakes. Although I personally have no problem with them being arrested, I would genuinely prefer that the universities go after these haters on the basis of science and fact. Their claims about post abortion trauma are completely discredited, as are their various other attempts to link abortion to everything from cancer to infertility. I certainly wouldn't be the first to suggest the images are not real, if I were to make that suggestion, but I'm not suggesting that here because these people sue anyone who dares question them. (Sort of puts the whole free speech gambit in the garbage bin, doesn't it?) So use your science, use your logic, use your incredible gift of education to expose them for what they are. I expect no less from a University.

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