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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Harper is no friend to women

According to the Globe and Mail, Mr. Harper will court women in this election and try to convince us he is our friend. I almost spit my coffee out through my nose when I read that one.

But he needs us to win, apparently, so I'd say that puts the ball in our court. Spread the word to your women friends, post things on Facebook, do whatever it is you do best, and let the women know there is a pattern to his behaviour that is anti-woman.

For a complete run down on all Mr. Harper has done to roll back women's rights, I will advise you again to read Jill Arkles paper, The War on Women. Also have a look at the facebook page Canadians United Against Stephen Harper, which has a staggeringly long list of his various attacks on progressive thought and action that goes well beyond women and includes attacks on democracy itself. Sorry to be so blatantly partisan. But you already knew that.

If you're having trouble keeping up on the war on women in the United States, have a look at Mother Jones'
recent update. It gives you the most significant things to keep an eye on. Also, it's a good look at the kind of legislation that is in our future if Mr. Harper gets a majority.

Now someone needs to do the same article for what's going on in Canada. Again, I send it out there to the blogosphere and hope someone picks it up.

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  1. Ha! When I read that item I had an immediate visual of women across the country spitting out their morning coffee upon reading it. I'm glad I wasn't imagining it.


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