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Friday, March 25, 2011

Guest blog on Abortion Gang

Cheery news today. Please, go visit my guest blog on Abortion Gang. Abortion Gang is part of a terrific network of blogs and pro-choice activist sites that provide news and perspectives rarely seen in the mainstream press. I know that sometimes I feel bogged down thinking nothing is changing. Sites like this remind me in a second that there is a new energy out there that is really going to change the world. They are a breath of fresh air. I have just a few sources listed on this blog, but if you want a really comprehensive list, check out Pegdehog's list on Anti choice is anti awesome. Also don't forget twitter. I signed up to follow quite a long list of twitter feeds that are feminist. It was easy and the links to other related news have helped me find things I wouldn't have seen otherwise. While I'm at it, I'll plug two of my fav magazines, Bitch, which is a feminist response to pop culture and Shameless, a progressive magazine for girls. There are alternatives to celebrity gossip and articles that teach young women to be conformist and less than what they are. Those of you with teenage girls, these will help them open their eyes. Happy Reading.

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