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Saturday, April 7, 2012

5 Signs you are arguing with an Anti-Choicer

Terrific blog post here from Gender Focus on signs you are arguing with an anti-choicer. I have to agree with this completely. I've been forced to spend a little more time than usual on line in the past few days because of the Wildrose abortion policy storm, and I've seen every single one of these things. Don't forget the feminist baiting. There's always lots of that too.

Speaking of feminist baiting and the anti-choice, do you know why feminists work so hard to protect choice? Why we bring it up over and over again? Because it's always threatened. Because if we lose that, we lose everything. Case in point. Gov. Scott Walker just ended protections that ensure equal pay for work of equal value after decimating reproductive rights. The slippery slope is so, so real.

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