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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wildrose: adding racism to sexism and homophobia

Recent developments continue to show the Wildrose for who they really are. In spite of the $1000 promised to candidates who can keep their mouths shut, those crazy candidates just can't help themselves. Today, we have a Wildrose candidate, Ron Leech in Calgary-Greenway, attributing his success to being white. Way to go. As of this moment, the link to this article in the Calgary Herald is mysteriously "broken" and the Page Is Not Found, so I'm clipping it from when I had it, just to prove it was there.

The article read, "A day after an Edmonton-based Wildrose candidate came under fire for controversial religious views, a Calgary-based candidate with the party found himself in the headlines for on-air comments suggesting his chances of victory were better than his non-white rivals."
Here it is in Metro, with the quote from the candidate taken from a radio interview on the weekend. "I think as a Caucasian I have an advantage," Leech said. "When different community leaders such as a Sikh leader or a Muslim leader speak, they really speak to their own people in many ways. As a Caucasian, I believe that I can to all the community." Oh, yes. The White Folks are Normative, don't you know. White, being Normal, means White is the Voice, the Voice of All. It's hard to know where to go with this without ranting, so I will let you rant on your own in your own homes.

The other candidate the now vanished Calgary Herald article is referring to is the Heinous Hunsperger, of course, who, on his blog said some of the most offensive things I've read in years about homosexuality. Read about it at Daveberta, who includes the text of the Hunsperger blog (also, mysteriously vanished now from its original site.) I guess he won't be getting his thousand bucks either. Again, I just don't know where to go with this without ranting. Rant away to your friends, please.
The worst offender of all might be Danielle Smith herself. Apparently, Smith isn't convinced that climate change is real. No thousand bucks for Danielle either. The "faux"gressive and self-described pro-choice and pro-gay rights wannabe leader hasn't condemned any of the statements made by her candidates. Draw your own conclusions.
Welcome to Alberta in 1950 everyone. Welcome to the future. Think Twice. Vote Once.

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