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Friday, April 13, 2012

Wildrose canvasser reported saying, "You can't kill government from the outside"

Since blogging about the Wildrose position on abortion and conscience rights and writing the three part history of Danielle Smith's disastrous ten months on the Calgary School Board, I have received many notes from people who remember that time and want to share their memories, and also from a few who have deep concerns about Wildrose. This little note came in yesterday:

"Two folks from Wildrose came to the door a couple of days ago, door knocking. 

I was about to go out so couldn't chat to them, but wish I had had time. I did say that I didn't think anyone who is Libertarian has any business in government, too cognitively dissonant to be believed. His answer was, 'You can't kill government from the outside.' Pretty succinct."

And pretty scary.

Nice that someone finally stated the goal of Wildrose so clearly.

Smith's stint on the Calgary Board of Education Board of Trustees can in no way be construed as a time that was constructive for public education. I've got to say, her comments on education in last night's leaders debate made my blood boil. I wanted someone to say, "If you care about public school so much, explain your record as a public school Trustee, a record that was so lousy, you got canned." But no one did. Redford almost got the chance. Smith was busy explaining her experience, or lack thereof, and Redford mentioned the School Board. Unfortunately, time was up and she couldn't continue. I always thought Smith's actions indicated she wanted to kill public education, not help it.

Now we have her supporters going door to door saying "You can't kill government from the outside." 

What else does anyone need to know?

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